[BUYING] Quartz Blocks

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  1. UPDATE: This will end on September 1, 2014. I will likely not buy Quartz after this point. Get rich now or miss out.

    Hi all.

    I'm in need of some serious quartz to finish up a few large projects. I don't have the time now to scour all the servers so you can now profit off my laziness. :)

    I am paying a fair price for the below items:

    • 32r per Quartz Block (paying over 110,000r per DC)
    • 16r per Quartz Ore (paying over 55,000r per DC)
    You can go to SMP5 (/smp5) and visit res 10394 (/v 10394) where a buy chest is set up. I am buying as much as you can find for me.

    I will be emptying the chests daily so if they get filled, come back the next day to sell your items. I will announce in this thread when I'm no longer buying it.

    For new and old players, this is a fast way to turn a quick profit buying and selling to me.

    And if you're curious, that's over 110,000r for a DC of Quartz Blocks.

    Thanks in advance.

    - xXvexenXx
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  2. Sweet. Sold a bunch to you. :D
  3. TY.

  4. Bump..

    Shop still open. I still need all the Quartz Blocks I can get. TY
  5. Updated information.
  6. Hmm I own a large quartz business check out this link!!! I will
    Also do quartz blocks rift when I get my ore buster!