{BUYING} Quartz blocks, Wither heads and more!

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  1. I am currently looking for the following items to buy:
    • Wither heads
    • Quartz blocks
    • Glowstone
    • Spruce logs
    • Silk touch picks
    • Efficiency 1-5 picks
    • Nether stars
    • Stained clay (all colors/colours)
    If you would like to offer a price for an item(s) then please write it in this format below:

    Item: ________
    Price: ________
    Quantity: ________

    If you have multiple items to offer then use this different/similar formatting:

    Items: ________(separate with commas)
    Prices:________(separate with commas)
    Quantity for (item name): ____________
    Quantity for (item name) ___________

    Then you would continue writing quantity something until you had done all your items. here is an example for if you don't really understand/ are confused.

    Items: quartz blocks, wither heads
    Prices: quartz blocks: 5k, wither heads: 1k
    Quantity for Wither heads: 3 heads
    Quantity for quartz blocks: 64 blocks (1 stack)

    Please do not use this thread as a 'randomly talking/ arguing thread' and if there is something wrong with this thread then please tell me. Thank you and please do not abuse this poor little thread. (sorry for wall of text =I)

  2. Glowstone sold at 8992, smp4
  3. and quartz (not much in stock at the moment)