[Buying] Quartz!!! as much as possible! sell your Quartz

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  1. Buying all Quartz
    for a big project
    message for how many rupees you want for your Quarts
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  2. I hav a stak of quartz blocks. I was thinking 3k for the stack.
  3. Could you be more specific. Quartz flake, ore or blocks?
    Also how much do you need(got almost a dc of all of the above)?
  4. all of the above
  5. Thats about 47r each! I bought a DC of quartz flakes for 4r a flake so I will pay 1024r
  6. How much would you pay per stack? I have 4-5 of quartz blocks
  7. Sorry just read message above
  8. You can have 4 stacks for 4098r if youb would like. Should I bring to your res or would you collect from smp9?
  9. ok deal where can I pick up I'm out all day today thanks
  10. wait actually 4 stacks of blocks or quartz flakes?
  11. oh I see deal! 4098r and normal quartz blocks right?
  12. deal, i shall make an access chest on my res as soon as payment is made for 4 stacks of quartz blocks at 19458
  13. ok I'll pay now 4098r right?
  14. ok payed
  15. I'm at your res when can I have it by?
  16. I gotta go I'm afk can u dro[p it
  17. ok sorry havent got on yet ill drop it at your res when i get on
  18. do u still want quartz? Because i've got a SC of it (quartz flakes BTW) just collecting dust... If u do want it i'll sell it to u for 4,500r