[Buying] quarts at 3r a flake plz sell to 18839 smp9

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  1. Hello everyone My names Hallandr721. I m in a real need for quarts because I'm building my first ever shop! So I have decided to make all out quarts blocks. Now I have gotten an estimate on how much I'll need. I'm going to need 45dc or quarts. So if u got any plz donate or sell to 18839 smp9. I'll also accept rupees donates to this shop. Thank you for reading.
  2. 45 DCs? 0.o
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  3. ....... thats insane good luck and at 3 per per flake which is a really low buy price itll cost you 466560r
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  4. Yea I realized that but hey my birthday dis coming up so hey I may succead
  5. Are you saying you may buy supporter to help fund this?
  6. Yes and ill be getting an alt and they will both hopefully have diamond supporter
  7. 3r per flake is indeed extremely low buy price, and that's still 12r per block. Also, what build are you going to make with 38.880 quartz blocks!?

    That 'only' earns you 1300r per day, and if you vote each day you can get an extra 1100r (excluding streak bonuses).
    Thats 2400r per day (excluding any alts and streakbonuses). That would still take you 195 days to get that amount of money.

    Friend. I too, wish you best of luck!
  8. Well ill most likely buy rupees for just stop this attemt to make my goal.
  9. I sold quartz flakes for 3r in my shop, they sold out every time I put them in, I know it is cheap but I do not think quartz is that rare so I sold it for that :) Auction for a DC of Quartz Ore coming your way very soon hallandr on community auctions by me so keep a good eye out, should not be too long before I put it up!
  10. Sweet!
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