[Buying] Purple People Paper and other DP items

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  1. So all the EMC Admins hosted a DP today and from what i can tell there seems to be lots of new items that were dropped. If you got any of these items and are willing to sell please let me know. Some of these items are
    -Purple Party People Paper
    -Purple Aikar Head
    -Tales of Eternia Book
    -Empire Armor
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  2. how much are you paying for the book? keeping in mind there is only 32 of them
  3. Already got a book and head, now just looking for the paper/80k member helmet If you have either of these please PM me. I will do huge promo trades for these.
    EX. 5 Lucky bows for the paper
    EX. 10 Luckybows 3 Turkey Slicers for a helmet