[BUYING] Pufferfish

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  1. PM me if you have any amount of them.
  2. Guessing for water breathing potions for 1.8? :3
  3. yep :D
  4. bump, still need a ton of them.
  5. I have tons of pufferfish but i dont want to give em to you :p
  6. so you want to play that game...
  7. sure do ark > : D
  8. how much do you want per fish, i need as many as you will sell.
  9. 1k per fish lelelelelel XD
  10. funny :rolleyes:
  11. My shop is stocked with water breathing potions. I figured you know, since 1.8 is released (and hopefully soon to be released to the server) that people might buy them from me. I have a little shop next to my pond that players can fish at and sell me some of their catches. I've gotten some puffers, but I have water breathing potions pre-made if you want to purchase the potion itself.
  12. Spoiler Alert
    Since there isn't a bukkit, spigot, or anything else to run EMC on 1.8 at the moment... It might be a while.
  13. not to derail this thread further but can someone fill me in on why water breathing potions are so important in 1.8?
  14. In deep oceans, ocean monuments will spawn which is the only place that has guardians and elder guardians. Also, there will be those little lamp things in the ocean that people would probably want to gather 'n the waste will be wiped, so people could also go 'n go dig clay in the rivers/lakes.