[ BUYING ] Promos

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  1. I am Buying These Promos:
    Pi Pie: 15k
    ESCD: 26k
    Taste The Freedom Steak: 2.4k
    Dragon Stone: 15k
    Holiday Candle: 11k
    Dancer: 37k
    2013 Labor Bench: 20k
    2014 Labor Bench: 18k
    All These Promos Must Be UNUSED Or UNSPAWNED, I Will Not Buy If They Are Used Or Spawned. Post Down Below If You Would Like To Sell. Thanks!:)
  2. I have 7 taste the freedom steak, 2.4k each and i also have a un spawned dancer I can sell, so 53k in total? Also I have a used dancer If you would want that aswell? For 25k??
  3. I will buy the Unused Dancer For now.
  4. Just the dancer? Not the taste the freedom steak?
  5. And 2 steaks, So 41.8k total
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  6. I will mail them tomorrow when I wake up :)
  7. What Time?
  8. Hey, I Changed My Mind, I Don't Need Those Promos, Sorry.
  9. wait how much 4 used dancer? and wat is da difference between a new 1 and an old 1?
  10. Not buting used, unused means hasnt been spawned, used means, it has been spawned
  11. I have a Pi Pie and Holiday Candle. I'll sell if you want.
  12. Ummm... Im kinda low on rupees atm, but keep me in mind