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Will you sell me some of teh promo's?

Yeah! For sure :) 2 vote(s) 12.5%
No. Yuck. 2 vote(s) 12.5%
Hmm, lets see how much you will pay *Evil Laugh* 12 vote(s) 75.0%
  1. Hey there random viewer of misc threads!

    I'm quite a collector of promo's, and would love to see what you all have to offer :) In the comments, please use this format

    Promo: (Name Promo)
    Price: (Reasonable Price)

    Well, if you need money this is your chance! :D

  2. Promo: 2013 holiday pickaxe

    Price: 50,000 rupees

    I just won the item so im not sure on the value, if that price is incredibly high for what it is, im flexible with the price :)
  3. Promo: 2014 Labor Bench *2
    Price: 13k each (26k for both)
    I REALLY need to get rid of these items due to they aren't selling on my thread for selling promos
  4. Hi! Very interested in this offer, but would like some lee way-I will purchase if you lower it to 47.5r, let me know what you think :)
  5. 20 Labor Benches 2014
    12,750r Per One, 255,000r 255k For the whole lot.
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  6. /v 17000 on smp8, look around
  7. Will Do
  8. 9001 on smp4 offers plenty of promos, if you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to pm me.
  9. Next time i'm on ill have a look :)
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  10. Don't forget to check out /v 4005 promos :)
  11. Sounds fair, 47.5 it is.

    Collection at 1353
  12. Will pay the next time i'm on, if I can remember lol[

    quote="AlexChance, post: 809936"]Don't forget to check out /v 4005 promos :)[/quote]

    Hehe, sure will :)
  13. I have a spare promo lieing around, just cant remember which one it is.
    Anyway if I get to sell one, I will think "High_Jacker...how many planes has he hijacked?"
  14. Haha, good one :) *Whispers* Shh staff didn't know I had auctually hijacked a plane! *Stops whispering*
  15. Ha! oooooo yu got rekt #mlg!
  16. Hey, there is no collection chest? I have paid, just let me know what is happening :)
  17. I've also moved this thread to the correct forum for you :)
  18. It was in the wrong place? What did I do incorrect?
  19. Sure, Can sell you a 2014 labor bench and some starter things
  20. Forgot the price,
    2k for each of the starters and 14k for the bench