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  1. hey guys im just looking to buy promos at a super cheap price
  2. Which promos are you looking to buy? You may want to make a list in the OP, and list what you are willing to pay.
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  3. Also super cheap is not to good like if it was a rare promo no-one would give it to you
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  4. please keep in mind that I am quite certain that you will not find any for a super cheap price unless you are speaking in comparison to regular prices and about 5k cheaper, what might happen but do not count on it ;)
  5. Have you been to 9001 promo/rare shop yet? We have market conform pricing for promos, and update prices daily/weekly. If you're looking for well priced promos, 9001 is the place to be.
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  6. I have a freedom blade for sale if you want to buy it
  7. /v 17000 on /smp8 to buy some promos (mainly vouchers and iday promos but i have some other EMC exclusives)
  8. freedom steak 4k?