[Buying] Promos :D

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  1. PM me with offers for:

    -feast for a king
    -spooky egg
    -birthday cake 2013
    -60K member items
    -empire fireworks NY 2012
    -Iday FW 2013
    -empire firework 4 july 2013

    Don't let me offer, come with one yourself!
    If you have any other promos you want to sell, you can PM me too, but I might not accept them for a price you want.
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  2. You can buy most of these items from 8992 :)
  3. via shop signs I cant negotiate lol
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  4. Ill talk to you in game to see what i can do
  5. bump
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  6. I'll sell you a 2012 New Years Firework for 50k.
  7. I'll sell you a Feast For A King paper for 40k.
  8. PM'ing both of you
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  9. I'll sell you 2 Feast For A King paper for 55k.
  10. Ill pm you
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