[Buying] Promos and Small Value Vouchers

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  1. I am buying promos and small value vouchers!

    I am basically fine buying any promo unless it is a firework, dragon stone fragment, or Taste The Freedom.

    I am expecting a good price at the low range of acceptable value.

    I am mainly looking for vault vouchers but others will be considered.

    If you want to sell something to me just comment or message me on the website.

  2. Might I suggest some shops? 9001 (SMP4), 4005 (SMP2), and 17000 (SMP8) are all great promo shops. :)
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  3. I would go to those but I want to make some profit :p
  4. How much are you buying Vault Vouckers for?
  5. 13k
  6. Okay, I'll mail them to you in about three hours, don't pay until you've recieve them, I'll be sending 2, is that good with you?