[Buying] Promos and heads for Museum

Discussion in 'Buying' started by Zion_Moyer, May 21, 2016.

  1. So I'm back it again trying to extend my collection beyond what I have now. If you have any of the items listed below please feel free to send me a pm or contact me in game.
    -T Virus Vaccine
    -Cactus Pants
    -Bullet Proof Vest
    -Referral Block of Clickyness (Diamond block)
    -ICC Valentines Day Head
    Senior Staff

    -Regular Aikar
    -Normal Krysyy (blue)
    -Green Krysyy
    -Purple Krysyy
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  2. I have a Ham Hacker.... ;) What'll you pay me for it? I may be swayed to release my grip of this deadly, deadly axe. :D

    Edit: Also, I have a new Cupid bow I may let go of as well.

    Edit's Edit: First!
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  3. Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock can be bought from SS for 60k. Would prob cost the same from someone else selling it.
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  4. BanditLm has a lot of great promos for great prices
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  5. Will start a pm with you

    I will go to them after I look for a while to see if anyone has one that wants to make some money for their mob drop

    Will take a look
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  6. If you need an emc games medal to display I would be more than happy to lend you mine for a time.
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  7. Staff heads that I need have been added! Fair warning: I need a lot of them
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  8. Looks like you've got the heads that I have spares of, thought I'd put a note in and say that while you may be looking for AnonReturns' head, there are only 10 of them and they are with friends that have sworn not to sell/give them to anyone else :)
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  9. I might have a spare staff head if you need one :)
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  10. Finally back to being active again after a few weeks of work in life. Still hoping to buy the rest of the promos and heads that I need! If you have one give me a shout!
  11. I believe you can buy the t virus vaccine from one of aikars residences, don't quite remember but it only costs 100k.
    edit-Thanks thak :)
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  12. RIP trying to get overlord sata- i mean simons head.
  13. smp1 1st res
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  14. Bump: Still buying all that is not crossed off above!
  15. I am still buying all the promos above that are not crossed off!
  16. Are you still looking for the T vaccine?
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  17. I indeed am
  18. I have one I am willing to sell. c:
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  19. T Virus vaccines can be bought on Aikar's 1st res on smp1 for 100k

    I might have a cami head I'd be willing to sell/lend
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  20. Shoot me a PM with your price and we will go from there.

    You can also shoot me a PM if you end up wanting to sell.

    Hope to hear from you both!