Buying Promos and Boss Mob Drops

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  1. I am looking for various promos and other things for my collection on my res. Any item that you may have that you want to sell or trade to me must be undamaged. I am looking for basically any promo and boss mob stuff like Momentus' Toothpick and Marlix armour. The biggest thing that I am looking for, though, is the marlix armour. If you have anything that you think I would be interested in, contact me on the forums or in game. Thanks! Also, I will try to check as often as possible to see if anyone has contacted me, and if you have, I will get back to you ASAP.
    P.S. I am on smp2 if you want to talk to me in game. If I am not on smp2 and SkeleTin007 is, you can contact him as well about anything that you wish to sell or trade to me.
  2. What kind of items?
  3. Try rereading that post and you'll find your answers.
  4. Have you already checked 9001?

    9001 is a promo shop on smp4.
  5. sorry to ask this, but how do i start a new thread? I want to do a auction.
  6. Thanks pascal1881, I will have to check that right now.
  7. To be more specific, I am looking for an ore buster, a holiday pick, a marlix bow, marlix armour, and momentus toothpick. If you have anything else that you think that I might want that I do not have or forgot to name, just tell me on here or in-game or you can contact SkeleTin007 in-game about it. Thanks. Also, while thinking about all of these promos, I came up with the idea that someone on here should have a hall of promos and special items, which would contain all promos up to date with special items like boss mob drops and head of aiker and kryssyjane and signatures and stuff of that nature.
  8. Have you heard of a museum? They contain information about all promos boss item drops and special items. 18200 on smp9 for example
  9. I own one of these on smp7 14006. there are only 3 that are complete. (I think) The others are 18200 and 1011.
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  10. Thanks I'll have to go and check those out. Also, I am still looking for those mob boss drops among other things:).
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