[BUYING] /promo scare Books

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  1. I am looking to buy the following Halloween books. Just PM me on the forums or catch me in-game and we can work out a price. Thanks :)

    Spooky Story- ItsMeWolffpack
    Shia Labeouf- skydragonv8
    SCARY STORY- bountycole
    The Hotel- Pixel_Cat23
    The Face- batroach
    Haunted Manor- SkeleTin007
    Eyes in the Corner- ThePerfectAsian
    Cold Storm Winds- khixan
    The Kill- BlooNaNa
    The Raven-EA Poe - Torian42
    AxeMurderHollow- Girneciallumi
    No Release- Kephras
    School Bully- iCrazyEvestar
    The Chatfields- Miss_Peevle
    Werewolf Attack- Torian42
    Volcano Chicken- Carconductor
    Casu Marlix- autumnrain26
    The Apartment- Scarmanzer
    The Happy Man- batroach
    red cape girl- zoltaroy
    Grumpy Cat- Pixel_Cat23
    Monsters Are Real- Torian42
    Bad Creepypasta- AverageWalrus
    Don't go into the Orchard- SwordLord
    Steel- batroach
    The Latte- Hashog

    smp8...- tuqueque
    Scary Story- MisterPiggy4647
    The Camping Trip- SunnyStorm7
    The- ww2fan168
    Share My Scare- SageCREEPER
    This Is The End!- AussieZaid
  2. There seems to be some debate over what I am using these for.
    I plan on collecting these all, and then having them available to read at a later date. (For a small fee, around 5r per book.)
    If anyone is unable to afford the fee, they could be able to read it for free. :)
  3. These requests seem almost instantaneous. I'll see what I can do.
  4. Updated OP.

  5. Hey At my res I am selling my books for 1r each it's a good deal and it's easy for everyone to have
  6. Are you selling all 3?
    And also, are they the originals?
  7. These aren't techonly promo's ....
  8. Yes I am selling all three but I forgot to make copies of the originals so the originals were in the promo so I got some one to get me a copie of all three then I copied them
  9. Yup, I know, I said I am buying /promo scare books. I never said they are promos.
  10. I have notice only me and Torian42 made three books... His are better then mind by 10x
  11. Updated bump!

    Still interested in buying these.
  12. Ok, I can supply you with a book. The thing is, how much will you pay?
  13. These are not supposed to be traded as valuables/promos.. These are books/stories you are meant to share and read.
  14. Regardless of his intentions behind purchasing the books, he is allowed to purchase or sell them for whatever price he desires. Similarly to the whole veteran's day poppies. Sure, maybe that's not the item's purpose, but it is the owner/buyer's/EMC's official choice. Not yours