{Buying} Promo horses

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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for any promo horses, drop a comment below of what one you have and I'll try get back to you ASAP! Thanks for reading guys, I'll message yoou about prices etc, once you dropped a comment :D
  2. Try /v AlexChance on SMP2, Alex chance sells all promo horses
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  3. Awh awesome, Do you know his prices?
  4. I'll sell you mine cheap. I never use it- it's pretty fast but it can only jump 1 block height. Not sure of the stats I'll get them tomorrow
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  5. I think it is about 52k for Rudolph and 55-60k for the 2 year anniversary horses, hope this helps ;)
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  6. Fdny isn't that unspawned
  7. I am not sure, and it wouldn't matter as toxic is looking for any promo horse anyways. Usually Alex sets his unspawned and spawned prices only a few thousand apart so either way shouldn't make too much difference though :)
  8. Ok well I got a Rudolph for sell so pm me ur offer
  9. Thanks :D
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  10. unused incit, pm me
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  11. Will do