[Buying] Promo Horses (used/unused)

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  1. Have been trying really hard to find promo horses. Im mainly looking for...

    .Incitatus (used/unused)
    .Valens (used/unused)
    .Saltar (used/unused)
    .Any of the horses listed above spawned in as a donkey

    I want to purchase whatever promo horses i can get my hands on. I am really looking for what is listed above but would like to know about the other promo horses for sale as well. Please PM me or get a hold of me while i am online if you are selling or know someone selling any promo horses. Thank you very much. <3
  2. I don't think they are around as donkeys anymore as they were created by a bug in the server that was fixed because people were abusing it. You see, back in the day if you put a horse in a dispenser it's status would change but if it was a promo the special name would not be lost. Players were banned for this and the horses disappeared with the players.
  3. ahh, ok i see. Thanks for letting me know, i recently was looking at an old post about a Incitatus donkey thats why i was interested. i know Dancer and Rudolph are always the same.
  4. Can I get a link to the thread?
  5. Yes, i will pm you the thread.