[Buying] Promo Horses (Used or Unused)

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Which promo horse do you personally like best?

Incitatus 3 vote(s) 37.5%
Valens 1 vote(s) 12.5%
Saltar 2 vote(s) 25.0%
Rudolph 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Dancer 2 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. As said in the title. I am still buying more promo horses. The ones listed below in light blue are the horses i am mainly looking for but will accept others as well at a decent offer. I've heard multiple thinks about Donkey promo horses and not sure whats going on with them or if they even exist. If they are obtainable without using a glitch or bug that use to be in the game and are agreed that staff approve of them then i would be interested in a Donkey promo horse as well. Please private message me (In game or on the forums) if you are selling or know anyone who is selling any promo horses. Thank you so much! Most horses i get will either end up on my utopia res (/v +scs) or my 1st res on smp3 (/v sam3984).

    Promo Horses:
    .Incitatus (unused/used)
    .Valens (unused/used)
    .Saltar (unused/used)
    .Rudolph (unused/used)
    .Dancer (unused/used)
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  2. What do you pay for unused Incitatus/Valens/Saltar (curious)?
  3. Well i'm not sure what the average price is as I've never gotten even a chance to get an offer for one so i'm still not sure, i would say maybe between 150-200k or so. Like i said i'm not sure so that could very easily change.
  4. AlexChance is buying those horses at /v 4005 on SMP2 for 250,000 each and I don't think it matters to him whether they are used or not.
  5. Ok well he can probably easily afford it. I also didn't know what the average price was and got tons of used promo horses under 100k each so i'm pretty sure hes only buying unused for that price.
  6. Because he's staff means nothing. He participates in the economy just like any other player. He has a promo shop so he's just going to turn around and resell for higher. It's one of the most popular rares shops on EMC so the fact that nobody has sold him one for 250,000 is saying something.
  7. Yeah it does, they are pretty rare to find. I've shopped at his promo shop before and about a year ago bought a used Incitatus off him, that's when he was still selling the 3 promo horses unused. Also because he has never had anyone sell to him doesn't mean i will give up and stop looking for these horses. I would be happy if he can find all 3 again but like i said, doesnt mean i will stop trying. Thanks for letting me know anyways, now i know what the average price of them are.
  8. i actually just visted 4005 and all i see there are buy shops, you can't sell him anything directly to the signs.. unless you mean you can sell them to him personally. unless i am not finding the correct area to sell? all i see are buy slots.
  9. Yes. You can PM him on the forums or in game to sell him things. He doesn't save one to use for sell signs so he does all of his buying personally.
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  10. Bump, still looking.