[BUYING] Promo Cake!

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  1. I am very full and I am looking for no more more cakes. Thanks you for everyones business!


    Right now I am really wanting your promo cake! I am willing to pay 10000r per cake! Please help me end my hunger issue and sell me cake at 6008 on SMP3!!! For negotiations of private deals, feel free to PM me! I am buying both 2013 and 2014 cakes. The sign on the left is for 2014, the right for 2013 :)
  2. lmfao
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  3. I was gonna buy a bunch of them. Then i found out they dont stack :(
  4. I try my best :)
    That should not stop you :)
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  5. Bump!
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  6. There are 2013 promo cakes? I didn't know that.
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  7. There was a bug for about 30 seconds that said 2013 instead of 2014
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  8. Could I buy one of the 2013 promo cakes if you have multiple :p
  9. I only have two, and I need a pretty darn good price :p
  10. 1r and a hug?
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  11. I only need 4 cakes left until my craving is gone! To make things go faster, I have raised prices to 10000r!
  12. Have you confirmed that it doesn't change to 2014 if you drop it or put it in an item frame or do anything with it other than carry it?
  13. I can confirm that it does not change.
  14. 36,000 rupees for it? :p I'll even throw in a smile. And a hug. And a written book honoring Olaf_C.
  15. Sorry, but no thanks. I am going to ask aikar for official numbers on how many are out there, then I will get back to you. I already loaned one of mine to the EMC Museum on SMP7 (WIP contract), and I want to hold on to my other one. If it is not as rare as i think it is, i will take up your offer.
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  16. These are really worth 10k? Will it become more than 10k in the future?
  17. Probably. As with most promos, prices will most likely rise over time.
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  18. Yeah,but it may take a year or two...
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  19. Correction, sweatpants are all that I can afford right now. I am now going on a cake free diet. Thank you to everyone who sold me cakes!
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