[Buying] Promo: 3rd EMC Birthday Cake

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  1. Hey EMC Peeps

    I am buying the New Promo the 3rd EMC Birthday cake For 15,000r

    at /v 18027

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  2. *facepalm* :mad:
  3. Didnt you get my Mail?

    Anyway Bump Still Buying them for 15,000r
  4. I receved mail now, thx KJH, I'm *not mad anymore* ;) Sorry for reaction ;)
  5. Thank you everyone for selling me 54 Cakes I have stop Buying Them For the Time Being I may Put the Sign Back on Somewhen in the Holidays or may not. Anyways Thank you ;) 2014-07-27_11.59.52.png
  6. Calculated that you spent 810k (or little less) on those :D