[BUYING] Produce and other stuff (wheat, carrot, potato, etc.)

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  1. To keep my gear shop on smp5 fully loaded with great gear, I need tons of stuff to trade. Please sell me your junk! Prices may change depending on the economy, but here are my sell shops:

    SMP8 at /v +junk or 17187:

    Sell me wheat, wool, potato, carrot, pumpkin, melon block, cooked or raw fish and leather.

    also SMP8 at /v +ww or 17329:

    Free shearing so you can sell me your white wool.

    On SMP5 at /v +gear or 10941:

    The only things I buy here for now are enchanted golden apples, but I may add some more specialty items soon. Possibly vault and stable vouchers for buy/sell. If I can find the right price point, I'll make the exp bottles into a buy/sell as well.

    There it is. Sell me stuff and make some rupees. Then I'll get more gear in the shop quickly and you can gear up with the best possible gear!

    Please tell everyone who likes farming to sell me their stuff!
  2. Bump, and please give your two cents on prices. I will consider raising prices if there are reasonable suggestions.
  3. Bump and two details. I do have buy/sell on exp bottles. And also, I might have to remove raw fish or add a buy for fuel so I can cook those bad boys. I'll decide later.
  4. So, I've taken away my sell shops on Utopia. I'm probably going to remove some more sell shops at smp8 as well after I get some things in place. Thank you all to anyone who has been selling me stuff. Take advantage of the window of time before I remove any other shops.
  5. Might be able to sell you more fish
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  6. i sell a bunch of crops at 1547