[BUYING] Preparation for 1.3

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  1. By the stack:
    Feathers: 40r
    Books: 70r
    Ink Sac: 70r
    Paper: 23r

    Once I get back, I'll set up sell chests at 1576.
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  2. actually also reeds. if villager trading becomes real, all you need to do is make paper and sell it to the guys in lab coats and you can get stacks of emeralds in a few minutes if you visit well prepared. i did it in a single player world in the latest snapshot.
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  3. I have been preparing ever since CaptainSparlez posted his video on editable books! CANT WAIT!
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  4. Sugarcane:D
  5. sugarcane whatever. they look more like reeds since sugar cane is actually really think IRL.
    IKR! im gonna make so many crafting recipe books and sell them! then make the empire guide, and that sort of thing! secretly i hope they make it so you can copy/paste so you can make them quickly ;)
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  6. Yah
  7. LOL