Buying powered rails

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  1. im looking to buy a couple stacks of powered rails at about 8 rupees per rail, so i will buy every stack of 64 for 512 rupees
  2. So no shops had these?
  3. ive asked in the chat for people selling powered rails on smp1 2 3 4 5 6 and 7, and bought out all that were selling them =P
  4. Here is a list of shops that i know of where you night me able to find some. Note: Most are on Smp2 that place is Mall crazy =P: Smp2 4005, smp2 3004, smp2 3041, smp2 3456, smp5 shavingfoam (I don't know the res number), smp1 405, There are a few i could think of real quick, hope that helps! :) EDIT: Smp2 3456
  5. thanks, i just went and bought all those places out of powered rails, any other suggestions?
  6. Hmmm, QueenDiva1? I think? On Smp9 has a mall close to spawn. You could check there.
  7. In any event, your asking price is too low; it doesn't even cover the price of the gold. Six ingots are required for 6 power rails, plus redstone, stick, and crafting time.
  8. i was just throwing something out there, i got all i need now anyways, thanks everyone
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