[BUYING] Please look to see if you have:

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  1. These things will be asked to be put in a pm if you will.
    Blaze Grinder [(Any amount of spawners) (Will share) (2k+ Blocks away from spawn)]
    Double Skeleton, Spider or Zombie Grinder 2k+ Blocks away from spawn (Will share)
    Prot. IV Diamond Leggings
    Fire Prot. IV Diamond Chestplate
    Respiration III Prot IV. Diamond Helmet
    Protection II and above with Feather Falling IV Diamond Boots
    These things you can sell to me in chests:
    Oak Logs (Stack) - 80r
    Jungle Logs (Stack) - 80r
    Glass (Stack) - 45r
  2. for the enchanting need Search : 3939 orders here.
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  3. Hi redwing I have a prot IV and resp Diamond suite your welcome to have it for 5k
  4. I have Respiration III Prot IV. Diamond Helmet
    Please make an offer for them
  5. I have a small farm-house shop on SMP 2 and I have a decent amount of oak logs stocked @ 1r per. :)