Buying Players Heads

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  1. As the title suggests, I'm buying players heads for an up coming project. Since I don't exactly have a lot of money, and I'm going to need a lot of heads, I will be buying the heads for 800r each.

    How do I give my head?

    To give me your head, go to /v 9086 on smp4, and simply drop it into a chest that will be set up. When I log in, I will look at all the players who have given me a head, and I will pay you 800r! I will NOT be purchasing any default skin heads (So no Steve or Alex heads!!).

    Can I give more than one head?

    No. I will only be accepting one head per player. That being said, if you have an alt account, you are free to give their head, and you will be payed for that as well.
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  2. what if we have like extras of other people?
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  3. I would highly prefer it if people only put their accounts heads it, just in case you were to put another players head in, and then that person also put one in, I would rather not have duplicates.
  4. I still need plenty of heads! I'd really appreciate it if everyone would come drop one off :) Get your free 800r!