[Buying] Player Heads!

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  1. Hey EMC, im looking to buy some Player Heads ill be paying 200-300 per head.
    Not making a museum, just starting up a collection :)
    (Either make it in a pm or on the thread! :))
  2. If you don't have mercenaries2009's head I can give you it, I have a couple extras. :D
  3. Have it, sorry ;-;
  4. Aw :I
  5. Ill sell it to you later.
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  6. Probably one of the hardest parts will be identifying which ones i do and dont have :U
    Sounds good, Ill pay now and mail it to me when you have it, Thanks! :)
  7. I sell my head (for a little more than 200-300r) at /v 17000 on smp8
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  8. Cant pay that much sorry :(
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  9. I have a bunch of player heads I collected from PvP, and I'll sell them to you for your price. Either tomorrow or Monday I'll be online.
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  10. I have a DC of CrazyNic heads.
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  11. Are we allowed to sell multiple heads of one player Pat?
  12. I am looking for just one of each sorry :/
  13. No that's what I thought, just making sure :)
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  14. I'll just mail you one for free tomorrow :D
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  15. You still have one of mine, right? I traded with you awhile back when you still had your store
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  16. ill sell my head, only 100r wait, you have killed my ten times, well you can still buy and have 11 if you want:)
  17. Like I said I only need one but I'll pay you back anyways :)
    Yes I still have yours thanks :)
    Thanks! :D
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  18. Bump still looking for more :)
  19. I can give you one of my heads, but only if I get one of yours :O (I have my own head collection)