[Buying] Piston field generator

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  1. I am now on Utopia and would like a piston field generator. I will pay 2k for a generator like this one but taller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbdXzco81Ew

    PM me if you would like to do it. (materials not included)

  2. I just got done building one of these in single player except it genrated smooth stone.
  3. These are VERY easy to build i build a two layer one of these in my res yesterday.
  4. Oh. In that case, all wages are off, I will do it myself. Besides, I have a friend that wants to do it.
  5. Easy! Built one in my single player world will try to find it...
  6. I decided that a friend and I will build it ourselves. On the other hand, does anyone have one on the SMP servers that I can see to reference off of?

  7. On smp5 10160 I build a super fast stone gen, with smart pistons, much better than that one... :p Take a look if you want
  8. Can you build me that type? I saw it, and that's just what I want. Can you build it? I'll even vault over all the supplies!
  9. I want the one you have but taller. The pistons are all set up on my Utopia res- 5097.