[Buying] Pi day pies and Pots of Gold

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  1. Hi I am buying Pi day pies and Pots of gold at 9300.

    Paying 7,500 rupees for pies and 10,000 rupees for pots.

    If you find that you can sell them for more ill will match that person price and add 500r

    Have a happy St. Patrick's day!
  2. So if someone offered me 50 k for a pot of gold, you'll add 500 r? Deal!
  3. why not just buy pot of gold for 15k from /shop. I already bought 5 from /shop.
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  4. I know, but my point is, it would be better to sell your promo to the person taking the risk of offering a good price outright verses selling it to someone who will only give you a good price after someone else has offered that much first.
  5. I would have to see evedent proof like a shop sign not someone's word