[BUYING] Permanent Derelict Protection

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  1. If you are in possession of one of these vouchers and would like to sell it, leave a message below or PM me via forums with asking price.
    I will PM you via forums if interested. Thank You.
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  2. Bump..paying in the area of 300k++..willing to negotiate.
  3. Just an FYI, $30 (the price of this item) gets you somewhere near 335k in the rupee donation, something which will be disappearing soon. This is a pretty good price, especially if you got it from an in game deal or drop party. I approve!
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  4. well, thats 30$ for 195,000 rupees, + the 15% bonus, + the 50% Promotion Bonus. 30$ without the bonuses would be 195,000 Rupees.
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  5. If you've been paying attention to MC's EULA and how it effects EMC, you would know that it will end the Purchasing In Game Currency, so I presume the end of the Promo will coincide with the ending of purchasing Rupees all together, so it may be 195K before all promos, but that price will never occur again.
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  6. I do have a Permanent Derelict Protection voucher, however, I'm not sure if I want to sell it... Yet.
  7. I will increase my current amount I'm offering if that is the problem. Just let me know. Ty
  8. Well, I'm more deciding whether I should use it or not.
  9. I understand, the same reason I need one to use the voucher in case I take a leave of absence and no longer vote to keep from going derelict. I'd like to keep my shop active for the community.
  10. I can give it to you if you want it, what would your asking price be?
  11. I'd like to offer 300k, but I could do 336,375 to make it exactly fair.
  12. Either one sounds fair to me.
  13. 300k it is! Would you like to meet in game, or you can mail me the voucher.