[BUYING] Packed Ice for a Better Free Mini Golf Course

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  1. For those of you who haven't yet been to 2027 on SMP1 I have a good priced shop, FREE parkour courses (2 so far with more on the way), and a FREE Mini Golf Course! I plan on adding more fun things for ppl to do soon!

    But for now, the mini golf course is being finished. I already had about 6 holes made, but they need a little improvement. That is, they are pretty dark due to the fact that i used normal ice and not the new packed ice. With packed ice the whole golf course will look a lot nicer and be more fun to play!

    With that in mind, i have decided to start buying packed ice at 100r per 16 blocks.

    Again, its 2027 on SMP1.

    The place to sell em

    And what the course looks like 2014-06-25_21.10.15.png My favortie... "The Black Hole" 2014-06-25_21.12.56.png
    The water drain with multiple thingies hole 2014-06-25_21.13.36.png Hole 5 (no special name) 2014-06-25_21.14.01.png Hole 6 (is actually more fun than it looks......i promise) 2014-06-25_21.14.32.png Hole 8 (yes, i know i skipped one) 2014-06-25_21.15.03.png And finally.....the next hole to be built, The Sandstone hole!!! 2014-06-25_21.14.44.png Sorry that this post was really long..... (Or i may just suck with computers and everything is an attatchment. Sorry if this is the case ) I just wanted to show ya my golf course and how it needs to be brighter with packed ice that doesnt melt from torches. (Normal ice does melt...) Thanks Again!!! -Dfizzle64

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