[buying] original written books

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  1. Hi there! shadow_dcord and I are working on a book publishing service on smp4, and we could use some things to sell that aren't by shadow or myself. If you think you could write a good book (of any kind) that people might buy, mail me a copy! I'll read it, and then we'll discuss how much you want for it.
  2. I know there've been a few other library projects. You may want to look for some old threads. I'm partial to Kephras' library. I think it's hosted on someone elses Res now, I can't recall. He had some stories he had written and submissions from others. I have books from him, Seffychan, and Jay2A. Maybe I'll get to the point where an idea will coalesce long enough to get down more than a paragraph here and there. I've heard making yourself write a certain number of words per day can be productive in the long run.
  3. Thanks. I wrote one so far, (creeper, for sale at my res for 175r) but I'm interested in including other people's work as well