[BUYING]Ores, Plants, Wood, Junk

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  1. I have opened a temporary "sell shop" at 2020 on smp1.
    I have what I think are reasonable prices on the following items (prices are fluctuating and so I will not update those here):

    Clay brick
    Clay ball (uncrafted)
    Packed ice

    All ores
    Lapis Lazuli / Lapis block
    Redstone block
    Nether quartz (not crafted into blocks)

    All logs.
    All leaves
    Poisonous potato
    Dead bush
    Lily pad

    Red sand

    There is a chance a chest will fill up or that my rupee balance will hit 0, but I will empty the chest or transfer some rupees so that doesn't mean the shop's closed for good.

    I am also in need of some decorative player heads, and I've set up a donation chest at the same residence. If you feel like your head is worth a few rupees, let me know, and maybe I can pay you for dropping it off.

    /v 2020 on smp1
  2. ill check it out
  3. reworked, higher prices.
    fixed the typo that was making me broke.
    refilled rupee balance.
  4. fishmeal, I got some Iron Ore and Coal Ore if you are interested.
  5. I am. The chests should be pretty empty at /v 2020. :]
  6. Totally new, higher prices. I took a couple of things out of the shop that I needed less, and raised the prices of the things I need most.
    Right now that's:

    Dead Bush (704 r/stack)
    Emerald Ore (21,120 r/stack)
    Diamond Ore (16,000 r/stack)
    Lily Pad (480 r/stack)
    Packed Ice (576 r/stack)
    Clay Ball (128 r/stack)
    Quartz Ore (1,024 r/stack)
    Nether Quartz (496 r/stack)
  7. Reopened. Some prices have gone up, too.