[Buying] Ore Busters

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking to buy Ore Busters. I have a buy chest set up at residence 4149 on smp2. I am currently buying at 22,500 rupees a piece. I don't want to hear anyone say anything about the prices on this thread, no discussion about it what so ever. It only causes arguments. If you're interested in making me a bulk offer, I'll be willing to pay more per Ore Buster. :)
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  2. I tried to sell two orebusters but the sign says I don't have the item to sell it.
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  3. Use [SLOT 2] while keeping them in the first 2 slots. :)
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  4. Alright it should work now, did the slot 2 thing Alex said. ;)
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  5. It's saying the shop item is not recognized.
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  6. es no recognizes..... I tries to sell only 3 of them...
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  7. I've setup access chests for the both of you, throw em in there and I'll send payment to you as soon as I get them. :)
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  8. I put em in there. :)
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  9. Payment sent. :D
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  10. As soon as I get home I'll send the rupees over.

    EDIT: Payment Sent. :)
  11. I am still looking to buy more! If you sell me 4 at a time, I'll pay 25,000 rupees a piece!
  12. I have one to sell
  13. I think jkjkjk is selling them for 17k. Go to his res.
  14. I'll set up a chest at 4149 on smp2. Payment has been sent.
    No, I don't believe he is anymore. 3 of his residences have no move on them, and the other one does not have any ore busters for sale.
  15. Derp… you can't get to his res… tp next to it. The chest is on the edge.
  16. He has 4 residences, couldn't find it.
  17. Still looking to buy more!