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  1. I can buy up to 10. Sell to 1148, chest is on your left side :)
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  2. Theeereee goes the economy. Thanks :)
  3. Isn't that what I'm known for :D?
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  4. You've got some competition from Alex, I think he went up to 50k too :)
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  5. We'll, if you are, then you have to compete with Aikar
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  6. Because i keep buying him out.
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  7. I set a chest up at 8122/smp4 one Ore Buster for sell at your price.
  8. Thanks I'll pickup in a few minutes.
  9. Ooooooooo............... I didn't know they'd hit this price. *Looks at his DC of them*
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  10. Well y'know.. Selling me 14k isn't a bad idea :D
  11. It makes me suspicious though. There's obviously something incredibly valuable that will get you maximum returns with an OB. Like when Nether Quartz came out, I was using an Ore Buster to get tons of flakes and made almost 300,000r on the first two weeks.

  12. Ore Busters go up over time. People want to get them before they go way too high. That is it (for me), I think. I only bought over an SC of them for 35-40k because I wanted to wait for them to go up. Turns out, they just did!
  13. They'll cap eventually. There's only so much return you'll ever get from an OB. I wouldn't be surprised if this is probably their peak.

    As it seems like there's competition between some vendors, I'll sell my ones for 56,000r to anyone that wants one. :)
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  14. I feel like 50,000r is pretty fair today. As you said, there is only so much they can rise before they cap out. I plan to save some for the future and possibly use some if I feel the need to bust some ores :)
  15. I absolutely hate it when people say that. :mad:
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  16. 20560.gif
  17. You can now sell to 1148 if you wish. The chest is capped and all so only 15 in total can be sold to me. 14 slots are left atm, when you spawn on the res it's on your left side (the diamond booth) :)
  18. Bump, 13 more to buy :)
  19. May want to update your sig lol
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