[Buying] Ore Buster 10k

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  1. As you can see from the title, I am buying an ore buster for 10,000r

    If you think the price is too low please tell me but most auction of these things end at 10,000. If you decide to sell me one just post here saying that you want to sell me one and then I will pay you 10k and set up an access chest at 1916 on smp1 for you to drop it off. If not you can set up an access chest for me and I will go pick it up :).
  2. Check 4005 on smp2. Alexchance has some in stock.
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  3. I remember him making a post about it. Cost like 60k. But I'll waste my time to go on and check and hopefully your not playing a joke. If you are its not funny, I am not in the mood. Sorry if you felt this was disrespectful. Its just not one of those days.

    Edit: Checked its not 60k :p I am happy now :D (not really)
  4. 60/5+1 k
  5. To clarify, my ore buster prices are only under 14k :)
  6. yep bought one already the day of the original post xD
  7. LatinoSeb used to sell them for 9k not sure if he sells them anymore
  8. if he does ill buy all of them :p
  9. Just checked, he sells them for 10k at emclatinosebemc's res on smp 1 I might have bought the last ones;)