[BUYING] One Scuba Suit

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  1. Hello Minecraftians,

    I am looking to buy one scuba suit:

    • All Unused
    • All Diamond
    • Respiration III Helmet
    • Protection IV Chestplate
    • Protection IV Leggings
    • Protection IV Boots
    I want to buy them at a decent price, please leave your offer in a comment below, thank you :)
  2. Ill sell all those items for 12k
  3. I have an aqua affinity I, respiration III, protection III.
  4. I already bought from peng7n, sorry. I should have already closed this thread
  5. Just an FYI, you only need the helmet :)
  6. ... *Wisdom Seizure* Why must I be such a Minecraft noob. Oh well :)
  7. No, you need the rest of protectionIV because it reduces dmg from drowning
  8. Nop, Respiration 3 allows you to heal faster then you taking drowning damage, Only thing Protection IV does is means you take less damage from mobs.
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