[BUYING] (on any server) Bookshelves, Books & Quills

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  1. I am in need of many Bookshelves and Books & Quills. I'll buy several stacks of each (for a reasonable price, of course—not 10,000 rupees for a stack of bookshelves or anything like that :p) on any server, due to the lovely /vault command. If you have Bookshelves or Books & Quills you're willing to sell, let me know in the comments below!

    Thanks for your support. ^_^ Ninja, AWAAAAAY
  2. check "Miners' Discount" - 12162 on smp6

    The first "5-star shop" on EMC :)
  3. Thanks! :D I'll be there ASAP! (Be sure to stock up—I might need all you have XD)
  4. Do you want books?
  5. Sure, but only if you have a lot! :)
  6. i have 30 more or les

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  7. in my server (smp3) the best shop are 6033 6001 and i have books at 6681
  8. Bookshelves at /v 405 - I have many stacks of them. Take as many as you need. You can buy 10 at a time.