Buying Obsidian

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  1. Pretty straightforward. I need some packs of Obsidian (about a SC now). Comment down there or send me a message with your offers. And pleeeease be reasonable, I'm not rich :confused:
  2. Only going to let you know what you're in for - a DC of obsidian generally runs 170k now.
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  3. Just got one for 100k... but still, thanks for the heads up.
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  4. Sweet deal.
  5. yeah, gratz. It was raised in shop when an auction went to over 250k for 1 DC. The market is a little flooded right now though for next few weeks, it's a good time to buy. Thats why I'm not auctioning my 10 DCs ;)
  6. Ok, so I need about 22 stacks now. Anyone interested?
  7. I have obsidian at all my shops. Feel free to buy what you need.
  8. Did you look in you mailbox at ME?
  9. No, but something tells me I should... xD