buying Obsidian

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  1. looking to buy about 1500 Obsidian leave a price and res pleas
  2. Residence 1111 on smp1 sells it for 10 rupees a piece.
  3. I'm sure he will enjoy clicking the sign 1500 times lol.
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  4. Well, I had to xD I used almost a double chest of obsidian in my project q.q
    Also, he could just ask Faithcaster to set a bigger buy sign :p
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  5. Whatever you do when you're using all this. Don't miss place it or you'll go crazy, I assure you.
  6. yea id rather not click a sign that mutch
  7. 1111 ~ Orange Floor ~ Obsidian Bulk Sign Added
  8. i sell obsidian for 5r at 1401, i think i have around 100 left :)
  9. If only you added this 2 weeks ago... :p
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