[BUYING] Obsidian at 2008!

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  1. I need obsidian! Sell it to me for 15r a block at 2008 on SMP1! Buying up to a full DC of the stuff.
    Thanks guys!
  2. Bump! Still looking for a lot more :D
  3. Bump. So far, bought a whopping total of....
    Wait for it...
    48 Obsidian blocks.
    If you have Obsidian lying around, or even a diamond pick and bucket of water, get sellin'!
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  4. Feel free to raid my shop /v 19500 on SMP9.
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  5. Bought a huge amount of Obsidian yesterday, but still *maybe* looking for some more. Shop has been removed, but if you want to sell me some, let me know ingame or on this thread.
  6. If you get obsidian offers you don't want, send them to my shop please.
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