[Buying] Obsidian! 20R a piece!

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  1. Hello guys. I am buying obsidian at 20r a piece. There are sell chests at /v 11013!
    I need to buy 8DC. So keep selling!

    And yes, I have an obsidian gen :p
  2. Lol dude. Lol. Lol. Lol. XD
  3. ?
  4. Oh, it's just that I can sell you about... 20 DCs of obsidian if I wanted to... as soon as I buy that much obsidian. XD XD XD
  5. Buy it! Then sell it to me.
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  6. Did you put it on my site? Lots of sellers on there who may sell you obsidian!

    You can also find places to buy it.
  7. I didn't think to do that!!