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  1. I need to buy two double chest of stonebrick or single chest... i just need it asap no over priced stuff :3
  2. Over priced would be how much?
  3. What are you willing to pay per double chest? And, just to clarify, you want a total of 7,168 peices of Stone Brick right?
  4. whats your idea on price?

    Whats your offer? and i want Two FULL double chest...
  5. Guys.... im in need here :L
  6. I would suggest if you are really in need, answer the two questions that were posed to you and not play the "No, make me an offer" game.
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  7. My shop is located on smp7, lot 14869. The double chest there should be nearly full. If you need more I will refill it in a couple of hours.
  8. Well, since you didn't reply, I put up two double chests at 8466 (smp4) by the teleporters. I priced them at 1728r for 1728 so its a single chest at a time. Hope you get there before ANYONE else does =)
  9. LOL, Annnnnd its gone.
  10. If you didn't want SOMEONE to buy it you should have private messaged him lol.
  11. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn...
  12. LOL,
    i didnt answer there question because i received the double chests along time ago... LOL....
  13. Typically, people would say something like "No thanks I already got the stone" or something along these lines so that people don't have to wait on you.
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  14. They dont have to wait on me... raise your hand if you were waiting on Me... No. I didnt delay anyone nor hold anyone up.
  15. *raises hand*
  16. You didnt even tell me you were going to sell to me... lawls
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.