[Buying] New Starter Stuff!

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  1. So, I'm in need of some of the new Starter Gear for my museum! This is the gear with Unbreaking III and all that. I'm looking for the following items:

    Unused New Starter Helmet: 250r
    Unused New Starter Chestplate: 300r
    Unused New Starter Leggings: 275r
    Unused New Starter Boots: 250r
    Unused New Starter Sword: 250r
    Unused New Starter Pick: 250r
    Unused Starter Horse (Up to 3): 500r

    Also, if anyone is looking for an OLD set of unused Starter stuff, I am willing to trade one piece of unused old starter gear for the same part of the new set, still unused. :)

    Thanks! :D
  2. I have a lot of Starter Gear that I won't be using anytime soon, I'll hop on right now
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  3. Sorry, I had gone offline. :(
    Added a new item to the list! This one will be harder to obtain.
  4. Bumperoony!
  5. I have what you need but 600r is way too low, can you give me a better price, they are extremely rare.
  6. *sigh* I appeciate the offer but will not be raising the price too high. I honestly believe that while they sre rare, they are not nearly deserving of that "extremely rare" status. :) So again, thanks, but no thanks. Removing from the list. Thanks again!

  7. The first photo is of the unused Empire Assistant from before it was updated, the second photo is the new compass, I believe someone correct me if I'm wrong but the Empire Assistant in the first photo is not actually soul bound, I believe it is a bug that has since been patched.

    Just had to post this so people knew the difference :)
  8. Fixed your spoiler. Don't use formatting inside of *Spoilers*. XenForo does not like it.
  9. Ah my bad