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melon 9 vote(s) 40.9%
melon 13 vote(s) 59.1%
  1. I am in need on a new profile picture, I am willing to pay depending on how much I like it, I will take either drawings or real minecraft pictures, may the odds be ever in your favor!
  2. I'm conflicted on what to choose for the poll I just can't decide on which melon I like better.
  3. I chose melon
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  4. Do you want melons in it?
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  5. Just something of me, I would prefer no melons, but i don't really care :p
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  6. A sig would be nice too, melons should be scattered around in secretive places in the sig though, like waldo...
  7. I would like one I suppose, maybe make in a dark blue circle The letters "DP" and then make the background skeletons kneeling before my skin at night
  8. Just something I whipped together not sure if it is what you want...
    It is under the 50kb size limit so it may look a little off but it means you can use it as your profile picture without gravitar...
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  9. I can totally make this for you!
    The one thing I need for it though would be your main account's name to get a basis on it. ;/
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  10. I do like it, just O-ran-gee is ugly :) dark blue and zombie green are the best! :3
  11. You don't need it :) just want it
  12. ha, lol'd
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  13. Then uh here you go:

    So, I hope you like them :D
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  14. I like one of em, maybe I like 2, or maybe 3
  15. ;3 I have a feeling it's the second one.
  16. Dead.jpg
    Erm, not sure what I was doing with that lol, just put it together
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  17. shananigns with rainbow and DP :p
  18. Second one looks like a pacman...