[BUYING] Netherhound Eggs, Promo Horse Eggs

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  1. Message me with any offers. Thanks!
  2. How many Netherhound eggs do you want, and for how much?
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  3. I'll buy a few if they're 45k, maybe 8 or so? How many do you have to sell?

    & to be clear I want the 3 promo horses with the high individual stats.
  4. I have enough, no matter the amount. I just don't want to say goodbye to them that easily...
    I'll do 2 for 115k.
  5. anyone else selling?
  6. Netherhound eggs normally sell at around 50k to 60k depending on the server, you're unlikely to get them at 45k :/
  7. I have 3 unused rudolph eggs, but they won;t be cheap.
  8. Does Rudolph have maximum jump?

    I think the ones I want are Incitatus, Valens, and Saltar.
  9. bump for horses
  10. Stats of Rudolph are 120, 30, 95. It isn't amazing in any one area, but It is very good all around.
  11. Hm. Do you know what the maximum is for each stat? I'm having trouble finding it in the units that EMC uses.

    How much for the Rudolph?
  12. 140 max for speed (incitutus is 130) 100% max for jump (slatar is 100) and I think Max health is 34 (Valens is 34).