[Buying] Netherhound Egg

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  1. I am looking to purchase a Netherhound Egg for 40k. I am willing to negotiate price should the need arise. Thanks in advance.
  2. I can sell you one for 45k if you like.
  3. I can work with that, when can we meet?
  4. I can mail you one when you pay. usually im on alts, pm on forum of pm Mr_ZulusAlt ingame if you like to meet in smp9 town
  5. can you get eggs of hostal mobs like normal skeltons?
  6. I didnt know you could egg a nether hound?!
    Ifso how do you do this wizardry shizz
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  7. It was a bug when Netherhounds were first released. It has already been patched, so there are only the number of netherhound eggs that are currently in the market.
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  8. Hello HappyBento. This is the wrong place to be asking that. Next time try posting that sort of question here:
    Empire Help & Support or General Minecraft Discussion

    (In fact, I actually posted my "Buy Request" in the wrong section too.)

    To answer your question:
    To my knowledge, no. It is impossible to get spawn eggs for any hostile mob in EMC. You can however get eggs of the following mobs:

    Mooshrooms (Mushroom Cow)
    Ocelots (cats)

    The only exception is the Netherhound, however this is no longer possible as the glitch has been patched. The only difference between a Netherhound (after egged) and a regular Wolf is the name "Netherhound" in red. As a result, Netherhound eggs are more valuable than standard Wolf spawn eggs. Hope this helps!