[Buying] Netherhound Egg

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  1. I'm looking to buy a Netherhound Egg. I'm not sure if you just egg them in the Nether Waste, but either way I want one. Either post me an offer on one or give me your evaluation of what one is worth, it helps me decide how I should plan on acquiring one. :)
  2. Yeah, you can't egg them anymore, so buying only :)
  3. ill sell im in game now
  4. I will sell also, but mman just beat me :p
  5. how much you wanna pay?
  6. Sorry I've been away, how does 1k sound for starters? I don't know how many of these most members have as of now, so 1k sounds fair to start with.
  7. Sold mine for 7k to somebody, so mman is you man :)
  8. I still have 3 eggs and ill sell them to you for 7k each
  9. Yeah after having someone told me that they aren't eggable anymore, I realized that these things were going to be priced pretty high, and I don't have the rupees to afford to buy one as of now. Sorry, but I can't do a deal.
  10. would u sell me one for 6.5k
  11. I'm not selling them, I'm looking to buy a couple for a very cheap price at this point.
  12. I am selling them on SMP4 4285. :)