[Buying] Netherbrick

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm building a new house and I am in need of a lot of netherbrick
    I will buy a stack of nether-brick for 64r, so 64brick=64r, if you think this is unfair pm a more preferred price. I'm looking forward to buying from people
  2. dont got much, but ill see what i can rummage up. come by 4271 smp2 now :D
  3. are you online?
  4. I AM..... NOW!
  5. Inside Voices Now.
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  6. Your supposed to cap the last word for max effect :p
  7. Back on topic im still buying NetherBrick
  8. ThIs is what happens to m threads.... Crash and burn
  9. sigh bump
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  10. I am i need of a lot of nether brick again so im bumping this thread
  11. lol I'd sell some but I gave it all away :p
  12. >.< any1 else lol
  13. Krysyyjane is buying for 120r per stack so I suggest you raise your price... just a suggestion.