[Buying] Netherbrick

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  1. It's happening..... What, you may ask? Well, I cannot tell you.......

    ShadyShannon and I are buying 2 doublechests worth of Netherbrick.

    You can sell it at /v 4447 on SMP2 for 70 per stack.

    The quicker I get it, the quicker things change in the community. Wink Wink.
  2. That's all I ever wanted. :rolleyes:
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  3. This should be easy for me. Ill get it done in about a week.
  4. That's what we wanna hear! :D
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  5. Get it done by Monday and you'll have a nice paycheck awaiting you ontop of the 70 per stack.
  6. Ok, will try.
  7. I have two stacks if that helps
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  8. Any amount counts.

    I'm attempting to sleep, though. I was disrupted by an email about an auction going on. I just HAD to get on and bid. ;)

    Tehe, goodnight.. Sell as much as you can while I'm gone.
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  9. I've gotten all the netherbrick I need now thanks to Herbrin3... :)
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  10. Sorry about that. :)
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  11. Aha, that's what it was for :)
    I have almost 1 more chest-full in my shop, but I'm sorry, it's 16 for 32r; I'm reluctant to sell it cheaper, because I'd run out of stock. I will try to get more though, and if I do I will supply some at the price you asked for.
  12. I have 5 stacks, tell me if you need it.
  13. hey rob if you get extra, the hotel expansion needs some =P jk, but good luck getting that much netherbrick =D