Buying - Netherbrick, Quartz, Glowstone, Sandstone, and Blue Wool!

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  1. For my new 5-res project, I'm going to need LOTS of supplies.. if you have any of the below please comment or PM me as I will happily buy anything you have.

    -12 DC Netherbrick
    -1 DC Quartz Blocks
    -SC Glowstone
    -3 DC Smooth Sandstone (Regular is fine)
    -3 DC Blue Wool

    If you've got any of that, once again, please PM or comment below. It's for a good reason! I'd greatly appreciate it if you had some of the above supplies lying around and were able to donate it to the project, however I'm willing to pay for it!

    JOB OPPORTUNITY - I also have several open job slots for diggers/TNTers to clear out 2 1/2 residences. It's a lot of dirt to be gone! If you're interested in digging/TNTing dirt away for a job, please contact me about this. Limited while job slots remain! You must supply your own shovels/TNT.

    -iHaro Inc.
  2. Would I be able to collect materials for you for Promos? ;) Chat to you in game buddy! :p :D
  3. Do you need tnt for the res clear out?
    Also, are you only buying an SC of glowstone, or can you buy it separate?
  4. I have 2DC of Netherbrick which I can sell you for a total of 12960r.
    Let me know if you're interested :)
  5. I don't think I'd particularly need TNT alone since the people I hire use their own. What do you mean by separate? :)
    That's a possibility, PM me and we can discuss further :)
  6. I mean, I don't have an SC of glowstone, but i am willing to sell what I have
  7. Sure. What do you have on you? And what are you looking to get out of it?
  8. I can get you like 10 stacks of netherbrick :p
  9. I will get back to you after I get more tonight.
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  10. Sure, 640r sound good?
  11. I can sell you a DC of nether brick, lemme know
  12. 3456r?