[Buying] Netherbrick, Cobblestone, Oak Logs

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  1. I am in need of the following.

    Item Quantity Needed My Offer
    Netherbrick* 1 to 1.5 DC 6k per DC

    Cobblestone 2 to 3 DC 4.5k per DC

    Logs** 1 DC 5k for the DC

    *I will negotiate to buy netherrack. I will pay 1k per DC of netherrack until I can get enough where if smelted it satisfies the quantity needed for netherbrick.
    **4 DC of planks will also work, any type of wood, preferably oak or spruce
  2. I can sell you DCs of Cobble and Logs and Planks in this prices, also have SC of netherbricks. I'm at SMP9.
    If You need someting else, visit 18882 :)
  3. I went to your shop and bought an DC of cobble and an SC of netherbrick.
    Would I be able to pick up more cobble and logs for the price I have set above? I would pick it up from an access chest if that was fine.
  4. No problem, I will set up 2 DC of cobble and DC of oak logs behind horses at 18766. Oak logs chest may not be full, but I will supplly the rest in nearest possible time.
  5. The log chest is now full.
  6. Items recieved and paid in full. Thanks :)
    Still looking for up to another DC of netherbrick if anyone has some!
  7. Looks like a trip to nether fortress is coming soon to me. :D
  8. If you could get more that would be awesome. I'll wait on the order and pay when you have it ready. :)
  9. Still need logs? Check out my supply company!
  10. I'll take a look.

    And I just realized how badly the site messed up the formatting I had in the OP. :oops: